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Parish Council

The St. John Catholic Church Parish Council is an advisory council to the pastor. The pastor still has the final say in decisions however he does value the input of the council.


Each April, the parish is asked to submit nominations for council members. The nominees are contacted to express their interest in running for Council.  Ballots are prepared and the Parish votes for two men and two women to serve a two-year term.  Members are staggered so that every year 2 members go off and are replaced by 2 new members. We also have representatives of the standing committees on the council. The standing committees are areas of importance to the parish, such as the Catholic Women's Club, the Building and Grounds Committee, the Senior Citizens, and the Cemetery Committee.  


Parish council discusses parish business. Each of the standing committees gives a brief report of their activities and any old business is discussed as well as new business brought to the Council.


Meetings are held at the Sr. Center and will be listed in the bulletin.

Parish Council Members

Ferris and Susan Arnold

Edith Brooker

Yvonne Kincaid

Ken Pottmeyer

Elaine Wells

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